Thursday, 1 March 2012

Our Members

::The Miext Member::

Together we strive~

Name: Ms Rina Binti Anuar
Course: Bachelor of Electric Electronic Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: AE080046
D.O.B: 19-02-1989
Hometown: Selangor
Facebook: Rina Anuar

Name: Ms Nadhirah Baharuddin
Course: Bachelor of Accounting
Faculty: Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development (FPPSM)
Matric No: AH090189
D.O.B: 23-05-1990
Hometown: Johor
Facebook: Nami Chan

Name: Ms Nursuriani Bt Md Salleh
Course: Bachelor of Electric Telecommunication Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: BE090089
D.O.B: 24-03-1988
Hometown: Pulau Pinang
Facebook: Suriani Salleh

Name: Mr Mohamad Amzatul Aqmal B Mohd Jupri
Course: Bachelor of Electric Electronic Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: AE080027
D.O.B: 06-12-1989
Hometown: Melaka
Facebook: Mohamad Amzatul

Name: Mr Muhammad Adlan B Izam
Course: Bachelor of Electric Electronic Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: AE080032
D.O.B: 18-09-1989
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur
Facebook: Adlan Izam

Name: Mr Mohd Ridzuan B Johary
Course: Bachelor of Electric Microelectronic Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: BE090130
D.O.B: 08-12-1988
Hometown: Johor
Facebook: Mohd Ridzuan Johary

Name: Mr Ahmad Zaki B Amir Hamzah
Course: Bachelor of Mechanical Material Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM)
Matric No: BM090009
D.O.B: 16-08-1988
Hometown: Pulau Pinang
Facebook: AhmadZaki AmirHamzah

Name: Ms Sayyidah Naffisah Bt Mohd Jasni
Course: Bachelor of Electric Microelectronic Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE)
Matric No: AE080077
D.O.B: 30-03-1989
Hometown: Perak
Facebook: Sayyidah Nafisah


::Our Mission::

1. Placing the university in a class of their own identity through interaction with the outside world in its desire to achieve world-class university status

2. Bring a video clip that contains the latest technology through UTM Malaysia all the way from Bangalore and ends in Delhi, to share with the people of India about the technological innovation that took place in Malaysia

3. Provide exposure to the students about the environment, experimental methods, policy and professional values ​​that are practiced by students and lecturers at the universities of international standing

4. Inculcating values ​​experiential learning, civic responsibility and teamwork to produce individuals more attitude

5. Create global thinking and international civic leadership among undergraduate students through the sharing of scientific knowledge through learning visits at selected universities in Mumbai and Kanpur, India and companies in Hyderabad and Bangalore, India.

6. Create opportunities for students of culture clash situations (cross-culture) so that there is no culture shock when injected with a new culture at the turn of the future nature of employment and to maintain pure cultures of the existing


    The Global Outreach Program was introduce to give an exposure to the UTM's student about learning and research abroad. Thus, we as the UTM's student took up the challenge and move in line to make UTM as a selected university in the national and the world standard with organizing a visit to India. 

     India is the selected based on the country performance in the world stage. It is the successful country that used to be categorized in the third world as the 2010 Commonwealth Games organizer has its own history in the global view. Their ability to overcome social problems such as corruption, robbery and unemployment showed their determination to improve themselves and the nation. In addition, their technology is acclaimed by the world with the existence of technology parks, for example Hyderabad and technology parks in Bangalore.

     Educational institutions in India also succeed to create innovator and business pioneers in India and the world. Besides that, this country that is known for its unique culture and tradition is still maintained their identity despite the technology developed rapidly. Their population rate that has no limitation makes our interest how this great country can compete with the other developed countries. Therefore, the logic ideas move minds set India as this roaming destination.

    The program also aims to give students a perspective of the community there and at the same time provide insights on the intellectual, welfare and communication, and change the perception skeptical of something.



English Version:

::Organize by::

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor.

::Our Objective::

To provide awareness to students about the importance of mastery of knowledge and invention of new technology on the development of the country at this era 

To develop a Malaysian identity in foreign country based on 1 Malaysia concept which introduce by the prime minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak

::Date and Vanue::
2nd July ~ 16th July 2012 
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kanpur dan Delhi, India

12 students + 1 Lecturer

Friday, 27 January 2012

Logo MIEXT'12

Inilah logo GOP ke India kami ^^

Nama program: Discovery of Electronic Engineering and Technology Exchange To India 2012
Nama Singkatan: MIEXT'12 (Malaysia-India Exchange Technology 2012)

Tema warna: Ungu

Gambar dan warna di dalam logo: 
Logo UMT
Bendera malaysia (globe)
Peta negara India (Garisan diatas globe)
Warna bendera India (pada perkataan MIEXT)

Semoga program kami berjalan dengan lancar. InsyaAllah

Aktiviti mural

Demi untuk menambah kewangan program GOP ke India ini, kami mengambil tender untuk melukis mural di beberapa Pusat Asuhan Tadika Islam (PASTI). Walaupun tiada pengalaman dan bakat dalam melukis, tetapi dengan kerjasama yang diberikan oleh kesemua ahli kumpulan kami, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

Ini mural di PASTI siswa 1. Cubaan pertama kami.

Dihiasi dengan gambar-gambar binatang dari kisah-kisah dalam Al-Quran.

Setelah mencuba bakat di PASTI siswa 1, kami diberi peluang untuk ber'mural' di PASTI siswa 3 pula. Berikut adalah hasil-hasilnya:

Daripada ragu-ragu dan tiada keyakinan untuk melukis, Alhamdulillah kini hasilnya cukup memuaskan hati kami semua. Masih ada 4 buah PASTI menunggu kami untuk menarikan berus-berus lukisan di dinding-dinding banggunan mereka.. tunggguuuu.

Tips melukis mural:
1. Untuk beginner, boleh la menggunakan benang dan tape untuk membuat garisan grid di dinding.
2. Grid juga diperlukan pada gambar rujukan.
3. Pelukis expert, boleh melukis terus pada dinding tanpa ragu-ragu
4. Pastikan bekas cat pelaka ditutup sebaik sahaja digunakan bagi mengelakkan cat-cat membeku.
5. Elakkan pembaziran cat
6. Pastikan hasil kerja anda tidak mencomotkan lantai atau bahagian dinding yang tidak terlibat

Selamat ber'Mural' ^^

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Backpacker Tips

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”- Lao Tzu
Backpacking Travel Guide

Our famous guide has been helping people get on the road since 2007. It is not as expensive or as difficult as people think, and no matter what your age its never too late to start vagabonding. You aren’t alone. Loads of people know that waking up and making rich old men richer is not the way to live.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, so use this to get out of the rat race, escape the cubicle, and get into the wild!

Step 1: Get a Passport for Travel

Step 3: Getting Visas for Travel

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