The Global Outreach Program was introduce to give an exposure to the UTM's student about learning and research abroad. Thus, we as the UTM's student took up the challenge and move in line to make UTM as a selected university in the national and the world standard with organizing a visit to India. 

     India is the selected based on the country performance in the world stage. It is the successful country that used to be categorized in the third world as the 2010 Commonwealth Games organizer has its own history in the global view. Their ability to overcome social problems such as corruption, robbery and unemployment showed their determination to improve themselves and the nation. In addition, their technology is acclaimed by the world with the existence of technology parks, for example Hyderabad and technology parks in Bangalore.

     Educational institutions in India also succeed to create innovator and business pioneers in India and the world. Besides that, this country that is known for its unique culture and tradition is still maintained their identity despite the technology developed rapidly. Their population rate that has no limitation makes our interest how this great country can compete with the other developed countries. Therefore, the logic ideas move minds set India as this roaming destination.

    The program also aims to give students a perspective of the community there and at the same time provide insights on the intellectual, welfare and communication, and change the perception skeptical of something.

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